Kindly note that due to increasing costs, the entry fee for 2017 has been raised by 7% on average. The exact fees can be found under the respective category description.

Cause of the increase is partly due to the simple increase of costs for the entire 3 day event. In comparison to previous years, we now have higher costs for the use of localities, security, and time measurement instruments.

At the same time, participants have been and will continue to profit from a wide range of comprehensive services during the Biel Running Days Event. For example:

The catering concept has steadily increased, in 2017 participants can count on 15 refueling stations along the 100km route. Furthermore, the last refueling station, at the finish line, has been completely re-vamped ensuring that the participants are able to replace the lost calories immediately, therefore regeneration may start immediately resulting in a reduced recovery time.

As well, the transport system before, during and after the race has been completely revised. The participants can now enjoy free train travel to and from Biel from all Swiss Train stations upon presentation of confirmation of paid entry fee. Last, but not least, during the event there will be an extra train running from Aarberg to Biel, ensuring that all participants of the half-marathon can return promptly and safely to the starting line in Biel.

Es war ein tolles Läuferfest mit zahlreichen Höhepunkten. Wir haben auch Verbesserungspotential ausgemacht. Die Rücktransporte ab Kirchberg müssen verbessert werden. Wir entschuldigen uns bei allen Läufern für die Wartezeit.

Herzlichen Dank allen Teilnehmenden und gute Erholung. Wir freuen uns auf Eure Teilnahme vom 8. – 10. Juni 2017.

Sportliche Grüsse, OK Bieler Lauftage

The images by our photographer Enrique Muñoz Garcìa are online! Watch them on GooglePlus