Specially designed tickets can be purchased before you enter the underground parking of the congress-house at the info-desk.

Price: 24h - CHF 15.00

48h - CHF 30.00

The 24h or 48h starts to run as soon as you enter in the parking.

Prior to get out of the parking the ticket must be validated. Is the time of 24/ 48h exceeded the time must be payed at the normal rate.

For many years, the Biel Running Days have been known for the large and comprehensive variety of food and drinks offered along the official route. Along the 100km course there are a total of 17 food and drink stations offering a variety of energy nourishment free for all runners. The food and drink on offer are the result of: participant requests, our own past experience, and our sponsors. Additionally, each 100 km participant may bring along a bike support who may carry additional food and drink (please note: 1 bike support allowed per participant).

DOWNLOAD Catering Concept (PDF)

Run4Refugees is a team of two running fanatics, Holly and Tom, who have dedicated themselves to help underprivileged children and youths through sport.

Run4Refugees is a charity project that will begin on January 1, 2016 and end at the finish line of the 100km Ultramarathon in Biel on the 11th of June 2016.

Sponsors will be asked to donate per kilometer run during the project, and 100% of donations will go directly to charity organizations in Switzerland (www.savethechildren.ch) and Germany (www.thomas-wiser-haus.de). Fixed donations are also willingly accepted!

The railway station at Biel/Bienne is the base for bike rental: You can place your reservation under the phone number +41 900 300 300. Do not forget to mention that the rental is for the Biel running days!

The bicycles can be used during the race time of the 100 km run from friday through saturday. The charge will be for one day only.

There are several kinds of bikes: mountainbikes and e-bikes. More info here: