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Night experience run 13,5 km



This run is designed for fun-joggers, walkers, Nordic walkers.
Minimum age for the night experience run: 14 years or the age group 2006 and older


There are no rankings based on time for the night experience run, participants will be listed alphabetically on the website (


The route is 13,5 km from Biel to Aarberg.


All participants of the Fun Run will have a special marking on their back in order to distinguish them from the participants of the other races.

Registration fee

Online registration

Until 31.12.2019, 24:00 h: CHF 52.-

From 1.1.2020: CHF 57.-

From 1.4.2020 until 3.6.2020, 24.00 h: CHF 67.-

We highly recommend to take out a cancellation insurance when registering online.

Late registration
online from 4.6.2020 until 2 hours before the start: CHF 78.-
on site 4.6./5.6.2020 until 2 hours before the start: CHF 78.-


After the completion of the race there will be a shuttlebus available for your return to Biel.

Bag drop

Friday 5.6.2020, 17:00–21:30 Gym Esplanade

Deposit of valuables

Gym Esplanade Friday 5.6.2020 17:00 until Saturday 6.6.2020 19:00

Late registration

Until 19.00

Start number collection

Thursday from 18.30 to 20.30

Friday from 17.00 until 1 hour before the race begins

Start time

Friday 21.03 Biel, Esplanade square

Finish line closing time

Saturday, Aarberg at 01.00


Running days t-shirt


Changing rooms and showers

Biel: Gym Esplanade

Aarberg: AARfit Halle